quarta-feira, 27 de outubro de 2010

Guardian angel

I spoke to you and you didn't answer
I kissed you and you didn't feel it
I cried and you didn't see it

I leaned towards you
I wanted to feel you in my arms
But it was like I wasn't even there

You dodged my kisses
You refused my caress
And I didn't understand why

You always acted as if I,
Your forever love, was absent
But I wanted to tell you
"Look at me, I'm right here"

I spoke to you and you ignored me
I said I loved you and you didn't listen

I saw you so very sad
A gray cloud hung over you
And I couldn't help you!

I sat next to you and you cried
Like I've never seen you cry before
Your pain was so deep!

My kiss on your forehead made you shiver
I helped you getting comfortable underneath the blanket
And you continued your anguish

I begged you to explain
The reason to your sadness
I thought I had done something wrong
But how could I be sure?

When you finally fell asleep
Without saying a word
I started to feel what tormented you

I was ravaged with so much pain
I realized you were dreaming about me
And while I was rising above you on my way over to the sky
I saw my body next to you

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